HORSING around…

Please ignore the corny title for this post, but read further and find out that it does actually apply to what I am writing. 

Current trend I love: HORSE PRINT.  I think I first saw it on Kourtney Kardashian when she was wearing a horse printed dress, and immediately loved it.  As I am a lover of unique prints, I thought “isn’t that funny”, and needed to have a horse printed garment of my own. 


Without realizing that this was really “trendy”, I actually thought it was more ironic than anything.  I had, years before, bought a horse print scarf from Urban Outfitters, that I usually wear with a plaid jacket (I love mixing prints when I can).  Who would have known that a few years later it would be a trend that everyone is wearing? I guess a trend-forecaster. 

I’m sure the original horse printed item can date back to the 60’s or 70’s, being paired with big bell bottom jeans.  Now it is shown with bright, colorful denim.  The equestrian look is usually somewhat timeless, as it has gone in and out of style, yet the class and sophistication of it remains. 

While not even looking for it, I came across a horse printed blouse at Nordstrom and, yes, immediately bought it.  It was flying off the racks and I managed to get one in my size.  While the item is POLYESTER (I will probably get to that on another posting), and I would have preferred silk, I still am happy I received my horse printed product. 


Post-Valentine’s Day STUDS

While the word “stud” could take on a couple of meanings, in this instance, it is in regards to the metal accents commonly found on leather or faux-leather products.  Since many people feel the angst around this loving holiday, the discussion of this fashion I love is in order.  

What originally inspired me to think about this was my friend repeatedly pointing out my “Carrie Bradshaw belts” that I commonly wear with simple dresses.    Carrie Bradshaw Belt? She was referring to the Patricia Field belt Carrie wore with a couple outfits in the Sex in the City movie.  I had unknowingly been inspired by a Carrie, who was one of the most inspirational characters in fashion on television, syndicated television, and ultimately the big screen.   


Digging deeper in my past, I can reveal a punk phase that undoubtedly inspired my first love for studs.  Bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash inspired my wearing of the plain Hot Topic studded belt and black t-shirts.  Regrettably, after that phase I started into my “emo” phase, following the local bands around to their shows.  Most people cannot deny, maybe high school was not the most proud of our days, but if we can own who we were, it can help make us who we are today. 

Today, I do take much inspiration of my “punk” past.  I still have a love affair with studs, leather jackets, and leather boots.  You can find me wearing one of all of those items on any given day.  The beauty if it is, mixing hard metals and leathers with refined, otherwise simple items, as seen on the wonderful Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. 

While this trend may go in-and-out of style, it is one that will always stay near-and-dear to my heart.  I will always have a love affair with studs and leather.  That you can bet on.